Ear Buds vs Over the ear Headphones

The dynamics of headphones are changing rapidly. We’ve reached the micro revolution within the past decade and a half. The trend is to make technology smaller and more affordable. I remember when the first cell phones came out. It took practically two people to carry one of those things safely out of a building!  The fact is that everything is becoming portable. And as technology improves, the world seems to want things even faster and faster. We’re no longer a fast-food world, but, rather, a fast-everything world.  Long gone are the days when we’d appreciate the elegance a rotary phone would provide us in being able to talk to people across the continent. Now, we want power in bite size quantities. The one piece of technology that is adapting the world over is the type we attach to our ears in order to drain music out of mp3 players and into our brains. So, in an ever evolving society, what would be the best musical “pipe” to adapt to the fast-paced human lifestyle? On one side of the spectrum, we have

Taking Care of Earbuds So They Last a Long Time

I Love earbuds. They really give me the versatility and flexibility I need for my daily life. But, I am also aware of the many problems these things bring forth. I’ve been through my share of earbuds, and I know how annoying they can be at times. The main issue with them is that they tend to break at the worst possible moments. After years of experiencing earbuds, I learned how to take care of them in such  a way that they last at least three to four times longer than normal. I learned the hard way. Luckily for you, you don’t have to go down the route I did. You don’t have to waste your hard earned cash in order to learn the same lessons. Here are ways you can maximize your earbud experience.

  1. Quality is in the Dollars: One of the biggest, if not biggest , mistakes people make when buying earbuds is that they go cheap. They figure that they don’t really need to spend 50-100 dollars on something that they’ll only use sparingly. First of all, I don’t believe anyone uses

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Headphones

Whether you’re at home or on the go, many of us spend a lot of time listening to music on our headphones. If you’re looking to get beyond the iPod earbuds and invest in a nice pair of headphones for yourself, here’s how to pick out the perfect set for you.

Form Factors

Headphones come in a number of different styles, that are going to fit your ears and sound differently when you wear them. The first thing you should narrow down, when deciding on a pair of headphones is which form factor you want. You’ll want to make this decision based not only on where you’ll be using them, but what type of music you’re listening to.


Earbuds and in-ear headphones are tiny earpieces that go inside your ears. You’re probably familiar with these, as cheaper earbuds often come with music players (like the iPod). Earbuds generally sit in the bowls of your ears, while “in-ear” variants actually go in the ear canal, some fairly deeply.

Pros: Earbuds are super portable, which is nice if you’re using them on-the-go. In-ear varieties also offer some

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Become “Involved in Mankind” with Worthwhile Charities Today

The great English poet John Donne famously wrote, No Man is an Island. It’s a poem that focuses on the interconnected nature of humanity, how we are all part of the same human struggle, and it has resounded down through the ages. One of Ernest Hemingway’s great masterpieces borrows from it for its title—For Whom the Bell Tolls. In an age of globalisation, that sense of shared humanity can and should be stronger than ever before.

And yet one in three people still live in poverty, with entire nations facing the harshest of living conditions and most appalling of human rights abuses. Donne’s poem represents one of the great optimistic sentiments in the whole of literature, and it has never been more important to rally around such causes and charities. Here are just a few ways you can help.

Be Compassionate and Informed

One of the great roadblocks to action or aid is a lack of information. If you don’t know a crisis is ongoing, you cannot consciously give to those most in need. This can be especially painful for those who need help the most, whose homes have been lost, or who face brutal

Earbud Safety and Preventing Hearing Loss

We are born with five senses, and as we grow older, those senses begin to diminish. While we can still have the ability to taste, feel, and smell, our eyes and ears begin to noticeably weaken with age. Now, we here at Ear-Buds.org are certainly not going to beat around the bush: Earbuds CAN lead to hearing loss, but they don’t have to.

As a matter of fact, hearing loss is completely preventable. You just have to realize that loud sounds do cause damage to your ears. There really is no way around it. It’s a sad story that the youth of today’s age will most likely have great hearing problems at much younger ages compared to previous generations. Earbuds make it so that loud noises can be brought directly into ear canals.

The most important thing you must realize is that any sound over 85 decibels can cause hearing loss. According to NoiseProblems, 85 decibels is any noise which you have to shout over in order to be heard. Many earbuds advertise specifications of decibels of around 110. Though this is a charming number, you should rarely, if ever, listen to your music a loud volume. A dance club is generally around

Alternatives to the iPod Earbuds

Let’s get something straight here: there should be a unanimous proclamation that Apple’s earbuds are absolutely horrible and overpriced. Yes, we are the ones who generally advocate that the quality of earbuds is usually contingent with the price you pay; however, Apple is an absolute anomaly in this category. The rules of the game kind of change- incredibly, might we add- for a company who has as much influence on the market as Apple has. In simple words, Apple knows that it can make a horrible product, give it a high sticker price, and people will still buy it because they trust the brand’s equity. It’s strange that Apple would do such a thing because all of the other products they make are, more or less, resilient and expertly crafted. It’s only with the specific iPod earbuds that they tend to break their efficiency.

Apple’s earbuds are severely overpriced at $40, and we ask that you reconsider purchasing another pair ever again until the problem is resolved. Maybe if people stop spending their money on horrible gadgetry, companies will begin to pump out better technology. The power really does lie in your hands.

Many people complain that the earbuds fall out of